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Current Offers

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Old Navy

Old Navy settlement, claim your money certificate before the May 31,

Money Types

Money comes in all types and forms. Hard cash, gift certificates, gift cards, vouchers, checks (cheques), crypto, discounts and more


Cash payments, are settlement offers from companies who have been taken to court and in many cases you do not have to prove that you were a customer.

Gift Certificates

Companies often send gift certificates that you can use online or in the store are often sent via email or mail for you to use in the place of cash.

Gift Cards

Companies often pay via gift cards which can be used across any other purchase with any other company, both online and in a store.

Gift Vouchers

Similar to Gift Certificates, Gift Vouchers work in the same way and you can use them online or in a store.


Depending on where in the word you are located Checks or Cheques, it is all money. These are the same as cash that goes straight into your bank account.

Other Payments

There are many ways to make and save money which are changing all the time.

Our goal is to help you add money to your pocket.

We all need that extra cash, it is easier when you know where to claim it, and most of the time with no strings attached.

Our sources

We search settlements, social media, company information to find the offers that will benefit you and put more money into your pocket.

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